Latino Adoptee Resources

Below are resources for adoptees of the Latino diaspora, or Hispanic adoptees. Together we are working to build a community that provides support, education, and advocacy for adopted children and adopted adults of the Latino diaspora.

Latino Adoptee Organizations

Pact An Adoption Alliance: Pact is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve adopted children of color. We welcome all adopted people of color as collaborators in Pact's mission to serve children.

PACER: Post-Adoption Center for Education and Research

PACER’s mission is to raise awareness about the lifelong experiences and mental health challenges of adoption and relinquishment to lay people, professionals, and adoption constellation members. Our goal is to enable a safe and supportive community of recovery from the complicated grief, trauma, and loss from adoption and relinquishment and to provide mental health referrals, peer support, and resources for adopted individuals and parents. In addition, PACER offers membership, educational resources, mental health referrals, community events, and legislative efforts to reform access to California’s closed adoption records.

Adoptees of Color Support Group

PACT and PACER partnered to offer a free, drop-in, peer-led support group specifically for adoptees of color. This group will be a safe space for adult adoptees of color to connect, listen and share their experiences of growing up in an adoptive family. Space will also be provided for participants to explore and share experiences around international adoption, foster care, transracial adoption, search and reunion and other topics of interest to the group. Contact Katie Wynen.

Facebook Community for Latino/Hispanic Adoptees

Latin American Adoptee Community: The mission of the Latino Adoptee Community is to create a global online community for adoptees born in Latin America.

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