About Me

You have a Purpose and Destiny

I Am Adopted launched as a platform for adoptees to unashamedly share their adoption story. Upon adoptees discovering their voice, they have found release, healing, courage, empowerment, and validation. Today, I Am Adopted doubles as an invaluable resource for adoptive parents and adoption professionals. It has aided adoptive parents in navigating through their child’s adoption journey.

Adoption is undoubtedly unique and complex. Oftentimes, adoptive parents are not effectively prepared by their adoption agency to deal with post-adoption issues such as identity, trauma, anxiety, stress, loss, and search and reunion. Adoptive parents have reported that they were not equipped by their adoption agency with the necessary resources needed to have a relationship with their adopted child. I Am Adopted fills in the gap to provide the missing necessary resource that is needed to have a successful adoption.

I Am Adopted provides an honest inside look through the lens of an adoptee helping adoptive parents identify their child’s struggles and triggers to improve their relationship with their adoptive family and society. The goal of I Am Adopted is for every adoptee to know that they were born on purpose with a purpose, and that they matter and their voice matters. No one was born on accident, and no one was a mistake. No matter ones spiritual or adoption beliefs is welcomed, loved, and embraced at I Am Adopted.